T'Lab Services

Provide appropriate IT technology solutions and best to solve the problem effectively and efficiently.


    Create and developing specific applications running on mobile devices to support business and raise your branding . Mobile devices are generally grouped by platform , such as Android , iPhone , Windows Mobile , Blackberry , Symbian , etc .


    Connect computer systems or different software applications physically or functionally to coordinate business processes required. Systems integration is needed to accommodate the needs of the data / information of complex and interrelated. Examples of implementation is to connect the information system kepegawaiaan mail archiving information system.


    Develop an extraordinary system that provides information for management decision-making and also to run the operations of a company or organization. Examples of information systems ever implemented: beauty clinic information system information system auto spare parts store


    Create and develop a website to display the desired information in accordance with the original purpose of the website. Website developed arranged in such detail from the display, material / content, SEO (search engine optimazation), menu links, and others in order to achieve the purpose of the website.

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